Front Door Seasonal Kit



The nativity cutout is approximately 10 7/8″ 12″ x .75″ and stands on its own.


Adorable Front Door Seasonal kit comes with several different supplies to embellish in many ways.  You have some supplies to get you started with Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Winter and Easter/Spring.  It also has a couple of different wreaths you embellish for the seasons The this cutout is approximately 10.6″ x5.75 “x .75” and stands on its own.  Paint or decorate as you please.

Turnaround time for cutting out products is approximately two weeks as these wood cutouts are cut after orders are placed.  If the machine is down the cutouts will take longer. This is out of our control.

Not responsible for missing /damaged shipments.  Not responsible for wood condition including knots, splinters, chips, splits, etc.  Returns or exchanges are not allowed.

Price subject to change without notice.


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