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Come join me for 2-3 lives cooking a month.  This will be exclusive to members only.  You say what does that all include, well let me tell you about that.

We will join together 2-3 times a month where I will be cooking live.  I will give you the recipes ahead of time so if you choose to come join the live and cook with me you can. These lives will most likely be on Thursday and you will know the dates ahead of time.  When I post the recipes I will have the dates of those lives at that time.  I will cook live at 6pm est on the days I will be live.  If you can’t make any of the lives it will be available to you on replay for you can then at your leisure go back an watch anything you may have missed.  All of the lives and materials  in this group will be available to you as long as you are a member of this “Cooking with Katie” group.


We will also learn together  new cooking tips and tricks.  We will talk about how to make things more healthy, what works or doesn’t work for us. There will be times we talk about exercise, low calorie food and drink, and anything food and health related.  I will post articles and health tips I find along the way.    This group is going to be an accountability group for some of us.  If you are looking for a place to come and talk about your success and struggles this is your place.

This is all for a low monthly cost of $7.00 which is an introductory price. If the price goes up at any time and you have not left the group you will be grandfathered in at this low monthly cost.  If you leave the group and come back at any time and the price has gone up you will NOT be intitled to the original introductory price.

You can cancel at any time but again if you are part of the introductory it may have expired.

I am not making any claims that this group will make you lose any weight or become healthier.

Please consult a doctor before making any lifestyle or dietary changes.

You are going to have a blast with this group I just know it.

Much Love


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