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Introduction - Hi I'm Katie and I love to craft.

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Dollar Tree Halloween Sale

Cute and Easy Carrot

Supply List:

  • Diamond Ceramic Shape from Dollar Tree
  • 10″ x 10″ fabric or burlap (alternately you can use yarn)
  • Green foliage
  • Small piece of jute or ribbon
  • Small green button

Put the diamond on one quarter of the square with the point of the diamond near the center of the fabric.  If you are using burlap you may want to paint the diamond the same color as the burlap so that the white and gold do not show through.  If you are using yarn start gluing at the point of the diamond and continue to use glue to adhere it to the shape.  My instructions going forward will be based on using fabric.

Begin by folding the ends over the diamond and tuck into the hole on the bottom of the diamond.

Continue folding the fabric and to make it as smooth as possible.  If fabric is too short to stuff into the hole, then you can use glue to hold it down.

Take your foliage greens and stuff into the hole.  You don’t even need to glue it down.

Take a small piece of jute or ribbon of your choice and wrap around the foliage.  For a project like this I like to use an infinity bow similar to the type of bow or loops that you get when tying your shoes.

To finish off my projects I like to add a little embellishment.  For this project, I am using a small little green button to add a finishing touch.

Look how great this finished carrot looks on my shelf.  You can make up several of these and put them on a shelf sitter.  You do you!  I hope you enjoyed the project.  If you do please sign up for my blog and follow me on Facebook at Creative Crafting by Katie.

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